WhatsApp Theme Mini – Substratum

This Substratum theme lets you change Accent & Primary (Primary
Dark accordingly) colors & chat bubbles on your Whatsapp.

(Please leave review in the Review section or post in XDA Thread if you have any suggestions, request, etc.)

> Stock + 22 custom Accent colors (Also applies to Actionbar and Tabs
bg when any conversation, message or contact is selected via long
> Stock + 22 custom Primary colors (Primary Dark color is set
> Stock + 8 custom Bubble sets.

Current Accent/Primary Colors:
> Amber
> Black
> Brown
> Blue [Light variant also] > Blue
> Cyan
> Green [Light variant also] > Grey
> Hopbush (A shade of Pink) ★New★
> Indigo
> Lime
> Medium Aquamarine (A shade of Green/Blue) ★New★
> Mint
> Orange [Deep variant also] > Pink
> Purple [Deep variant also] > Red
> Yellow
> Stock

Current Chat Bubbles:
> Alt Crayon
> Facebook Messenger ★New★
> Hangouts
> LG Messaging 1 ★New★
> LG Messaging 2 ★New★
> Notes Paper
> WaMod ★New★
> Stock

Works On:
> OMS ROMs (Custom Nougat with oms3 commits).
> Legacy ROMs (Custom AOSP Nougat ROMs and Nexus Stock
Nougat/Android O Preview)(ROOT is required for Legacy ROMs).

How To Use:
> Install Substratum theme engine from Play Store.
> Install WA Substratum Theme Mini.
> Open Substratum app and grant modify system settings
permissions (and also root access for Legacy ROMs).
> Open WA Substratum Theme Mini within Substratum.
> Go to Overlay Manager tab.
> Select colors & chat bubbles of your choice from drop down list &
check the checkbox right next to Whatsapp.
> Scroll a bit down and hit the FAB with paint roller icon.